Foursquare Partners with Songkick For Live Music Check-Ins
Foursquare Partners with Songkick For Live Music Check-Ins

Foursquare, the popular social networking site that allows users to broadcast their current location to friends, has announced partnerships with Songkick, ESPN and to help users further narrow down their current locations.

The partnership with Songkick will allow Foursquare to access major concerts from Songkick's database. For Foursquare's music fans this means being able to identify a particular concert as their current location instead of just the concert venue with the new "Events" feature.

"This adds a whole new dimension to check-ins," Songkick wrote in a blog entry." "Rather than just seeing your friends check-in to Madison Square Garden, now you'll also be able to see that they are there watching Justin Bieber (we don't judge!)."

In addition to accessing their database, Songkick is offering Foursquare users a "golden ticket" contest. Users who download the Songkick iPhone app then contact the company via Twitter or email will be entered to win free concerts for a year.

Foursquare experimented with listing specific event locations during the last two SXSW conferences and was encouraged by the results.

"The feedback was incredible," the company wrote in a blog post, "it was easier to share what you were up to, and it's great to look back a year later and remember what was going on. To build that on a larger scale, though, we needed to be smarter about what's happening around you."

The deal is just the latest in a series of partnerships for both Foursquare and Songkick. Songkick, which claims to be the second largest live music website on the Internet behind LiveNation/Ticketmaster, has previously partnered with Sound Cloud, YouTube, BBC and several other companies. Foursquare joined with Klout earlier this month and recently gained notoriety when the White House set up an official account with the company.