Latin Power Players: Raul Alarcon, Jr.
Latin Power Players: Raul Alarcon, Jr.

Raul Alarcon Jr.

Raul Alarcón Jr.

President/CEO/chairman, Spanish Broadcasting System

Few heads of media conglomerates are as actively involved in day-to-day operations as Raul Alarcón Jr., the charismatic president/CEO/chairman of Spanish Broadcasting System. The company, which owns and operates 20 Spanish-language radio stations in the top Latin markets in the United States, has continued to expand its reach with the growth of SBS Entertainment and Mega TV.

Most recently, the company acquired its third Mega TV station, KTBU-TV in Houston, in a bid to "replicate and augment" its radio footprint. Since its launch five years ago, the network has expanded distribution with over-the-air affiliates in seven cities plus cable distribution. Through Mega, SBS is also upping its production of original content, which it continues to cross-promote on radio and online through, which links to individual websites-and live streaming-for all SBS stations. These include WSKQ-FM New York, the top-rated Spanish-language station in the country. SBS also utilizes all its properties to aggressively cross-promote its own events and content, of which the vast majority is music-driven, staying true to the company's roots as a music radio company.

"Our strategic vision of integrating our radio, TV, entertainment and online properties is in full swing," Alarcón says, "as we continue to seek out unique growth opportunities with a clear eye on capturing the U.S. Hispanic consumer."

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