Latin Power Players: Inigo Zabala
Latin Power Players: Inigo Zabala

Inigo Zabala

Iñigo Zabala

President, Warner Music Latin America

Although Warner Music's U.S. Latin market share remains smaller than that of its competitors -- at midyear 2011 it stood at 6.2%, according to Nielsen SoundScan -- the label's boutique size and major-label distribution allow it to work its acts exhaustively and for the long term.

Zabala's top accomplishment of the past 12 months includes Maná's Drama y Luz, the top-selling Latin album of 2011 so far (132,000 copies sold through July 3, according to Nielsen SoundScan). In releasing the album, Warner also orchestrated a complex strategy that involved premiering the first single simultaneously on radio stations around the world, resulting in a No. 1 record in multiple territories, the United States included, at the same time.

Other high points include the successful and ongoing consolidation of Warner's 360-degree structure in Mexico, now in its second year, and its artist development across the region with acts like Carlos Baute and Marco di Mauro.

"Looking forward, Warner will continue its efforts in consolidating digital business models in Latin America," Zabala says, noting that the label will launch its first social media-based avatar game for Maná. "Additionally, we are focused on the ongoing development of our 360-degree structure in Brazil as well as the breaking of new and developing acts in the region like Sie7e and M.R."

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