Latin Power Players: Lucas Pina
Latin Power Players: Lucas Pina

Lucas Pina

Lucas Piña

Senior VP, SBS Entertainment

Lucas Piña enters the Latin Power Players list for the first time this year based on the growth of SBS Entertainment -- the management and live entertainment division of Spanish Broadcasting System. Piña's numbers are up for events, attendance and revenue.

SBSE has almost doubled its business from last year. While it produced 22 shows in 2010 that drew 143,210 people, in the first six months of 2011, the division produced 21 shows that drew 122,364 attendees, projecting a year-to-year attendance increase of 69.4%.

Piña, a former label executive who's been at SBS since 2003, took over the helm of the unit in 2009 and has diversified its scope and operation. Using the slogan "We see you, we hear you, we speak your language," Piña has solidified SBSE brand events like Los Angeles' urban radio show Calibash (15,167 paid attendees) and launched new events like Puerto Rico's first Mega Electronic Fest (attendance: 12,232) and a series of four new regional Mexican events at Pico Rivera Arena in Los Angeles, cross-promoting across all SBS platforms, including TV, radio and online.

"Our mind-set is to produce events that are accessible to all. The economic crisis has made us reinvent the formula of how we sell tickets," says Piña, who this year will serve for the first time as a national promoter for key Latin artists.

Beyond live events, SBSE includes merchandising, TV development, sponsorship, publishing and interactive divisions, plus a management arm that handles Alexis & Fido and Obie Bermudez, among others. Piña's goal is to consolidate SBSE as "a 360° management unit. That's where the future is." Extras:

Advice to future Latin Power Players: "Excellent teamwork, a lot of discipline, a lot of persistence and prepare to work with a vision."


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