Latin Power Players: J.J. Cheng
Latin Power Players: J.J. Cheng
J.J. Cheng

J.J. Cheng

Associate VP, SESAC Latina

The adjective that most frequently crops up next to J.J. Cheng's name is "passionate." For SESAC Latina, she's a tireless advocate of her roster of writers, which may be smaller than that of the two other rights societies but is always growing. Cheng devotes time and energy in nurturing them and bringing possibilities to the table, including pitching songs to recording artists.

Cheng has grown SESAC's roster of affiliated writers by 31% in the past 12 months and has increased SESAC's song roster by 21%.

New signings include Carlos Baute, TV star/songwriter Jencarlos Canela, urban/pop artist Ricky Rick (formerly of Kumbia All Starz), urban pop singer/songwriter Joey Montana, Pedro Guzman of Palomo and Venezuelan trio Grupo Treo. They join a roster that includes Samo (of Camila), Aleks Syntek and Erika Ender.

Beyond signings, Cheng's promotion of her artists includes SESAC Latina's co-sponsorship of the 2010 Machete Music tour-which included a stop at New York's Madison Square Garden-and its partnership with Miami venue the Blue Piano for monthly showcases of SESAC Latina songwriters. Cheng is also an advocate of educating songwriters and the industry in general on all areas of the business. "Everyone who wants to survive and stay current in this business should try to grow and learn as much as they can about all sides of this ever-evolving business," she says. Extras:

Quote: "I am speechless, what an honor! One more great motivation to keep me going."

Advice to future Latin Power Players: "Go beyond what is asked of you. Be true to yourself and everyone around you. Always be passionate about the music but learn
everything you can about the business."

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Twitter: @sesaclatina and @JJChengMusic1

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