BlackBerry Music Service Becomes Official
BlackBerry Music Service Becomes Official

More details emerged over the weekend about the new music service that Research In Motion reportedly is planning for its BlackBerry devices.

According to details posted in both AllThingsD and, the service will cost users $5 a month for the ability to add up to 50 songs to their devices and subsequently share those songs with friends.

Actually, calling it a service is a bit of a misnomer. It's an app that users will need to download from the App World store. Once installed, users select 50 songs. They can then invite friends to download the app and create a sort of "music network" between them. This lets them not only share their 50 songs, but see and play the songs others in their network have.

So instead of another vanilla unlimited streaming music service, this will likely be positioned more as a personalized playlist sharing service. None of the music apparently will be made available outside of the phone, but given the angle of the "sharing" feature that's not necessarily a negative. Cricket Wireless has shown that mobile music services don't need to be accessible off the phone to be a success.

Still no word on what the service will be called or when it will be officially announced.