DJ Mehdi's Death: Details Emerge, Condolences Pour In
DJ Mehdi's Death: Details Emerge, Condolences Pour In

More details emerged today (Sept. 14) on t he death of French electro DJ and hip-hop producer DJ Mehdi.

According to Le Parisien, the artist had a few people over to celebrate Riton's birthday - his friend and Carte Blanche collaborator- in his Paris apartment located in the 20th arrondissement. He suffered fatal injuries when the glass veranda floor of his loft suddenly shattered, leading him and three friends to fall "seven to eight meters." (about 23 feet)

Via twitter Riton gave some updates about the three being hospitalized, "Just want everyone to know that we were all laughing our asses off 1/2 second before the accident and simon alegia and louise are all well"

DJ Mehdi, French DJ, Producer, Dead At 34

Reactions from both the Hip-Hop world (Rohff: "I pay homage to the man, to my childhood friend, to a brother of the heart, to the avant-guard genius") and the electro world (A-Trak:" I have no words. My heart is completely shattered. Not this.) have not stopped pouring in since the announcement of DJ Mehdi's death on September 13.

On Tuesday morning DJ Medhi's label Ed Banger released the following statement "It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our friend DJ Mehdi. Our thought are with his family and loved ones."

On both sides of the Atlantic, in both the electronic and hip-hop scenes, musicians are in mourning; David Guetta sent his prayers "All my thoughts are with DJ Mehdi's family." Chromeo postponed their show in Dallas to go to Paris and pay their respects. "Due to the tragic passing of our close friend DJ Mehdi, tomorrow's show will be postponed to November 20th"

Drake tweeted "Damnn… RIP MEHDI", to which French DJ and producer Brodinski- close friend and collaborator of Mehdi's- responded, "You were one of his Hero. We used to listen to you all the time" and "my heart is bleeding, my memories are poppin'in my head, I just can't remember them all. The most important thing is love, Forever."

Hot 97 gave an on the air shout-out to the French producer and the French radio station Skyrock will be honoring him today September 15 from 8 to 9pm with both hip-hop groups Mafia K'1 Fry and 113.

France's minister of culture, Frédéric Mitterrand, released a statement yesterday calling DJ Mehdi "one of the most dynamic and inspired artistes of the young hip-hop and electro French scene" and continued "a turntable magician, but also an audacious producer, a virtuoso of mixing completely different musical genres, Mehdi Favéris-Essadi, this artist of Tunisian decent, born in rap, always warm and discrete, knew how to resound French styled electronic music across the world."