Backbeat: Oh Land Performs Five-Song Set at Sony Tablet Event in NYC
Backbeat: Oh Land Performs Five-Song Set at Sony Tablet Event in NYC

Oh Land
Oh Land performs at Sony's #catchthetablet event. (Photo by Katie Morse)

Sony Cupcakes
The tower of Sony cupcakes at the #catchthetablet event. (Photo by Katie Morse)

If there's a company out there that excels at merging music with technology, it's Sony. Their NYC #catchthetablet event in their flagship store on Madison Avenue concluded a multi-city tour to debut the Sony Tablet S. Everything at the event was Sony-branded, even the tower of cupcakes that star-of-the-evening Oh Land mentioned multiple times during her set.

Nanna Øland Fabricius, better known as Oh Land, performed a five-song set on a "picnic setup with Disney instruments," including a suitcase serving as a bass drum. True to form, this Danish singer/songwriter interacted with the crowd throughout her set and gave listeners the inside scoop on each of her songs, including "White Nights," which was composed after she moved to Brooklyn and couldn't sleep.

Oh Land let in on her true thoughts about Brooklyn after her set, saying that "it's a small community -- very creative and a lot of young people," though she think it's "funny how you get off at the Bedford [Avenue subway] station and everybody's an artist." She also spoke about her move from Copenhagen to Williamsburg, telling us "I just felt like if I moved to Manhattan it would almost be too much for me. It would be such an extreme from where I came from, so Brooklyn was a nice transition."

Oh Land has plenty to look forward to in the near future, including a TV show in her native Denmark, where she'll play for a small studio audience that will include the Crown Prince and Princess. Closer to her new home, her upcoming show at the Bowery Ballroom on Sept. 26 is sold out, and she recently performed with Sia at Webster Hall. "It was really fun playing with Sia because we ran in and out of each other's sets playing tambourines and stuff, so it was really fun and creative." She'll also be touring the UK with Katy Perry next month.

Ultimately, she looks "forward to the day when I can perform with aerialists, like a Fuerza Bruta type of show."

The ever-fashionable songstress had been to a few shows during Fashion Week (Diesel and Philip Lim), though she's trying to take a bit of time to focus on friends. She's also actively working on new material, and told that her favorite creative place in the city is the American Museum of Natural History, stating "I love it because... you almost don't believe that [dinosaurs, her favorite part of the museum] actually existed because they look so alien. It's just inspiring."

This technologically-advanced artist also uses her iPhone to record sounds as she walks around the city and includes some of the clips in her productions.

Oh Land's Sony set list:
White Nights
Wolf & I
Son of a Gun
We Turn It Up