iPhone 5: Five Things To Expect At Tomorrow's Launch
iPhone 5: Five Things To Expect At Tomorrow's Launch

For the past several years, Apple has held a special event in September to announce some new type of product or service, usually music related. Not this year.

Instead, according to a report in AllThingsD, the event will take place Oct. 4. The likely big reveal is the iPhone 5.
The rumors swirling around this device are just as furious as they are for every new Apple product, but there are interesting twists worth noting: First, the device may be the first Apple-made phone to appear on yet another wireless network-Sprint, which is the only operator right now offering unlimited data plans. But other than a rumored "teardrop" design, there's not a whole lot known about what new features the new iPhone may have.

There's also been talk about a "cloud" iPhone in development, one that had no internal memory at all and functioned solely on streaming content, etc, from the new iCloud service. And then there's the iCloud service itself, which was announced earlier this year but has yet to go live.

Details on all the above will be somewhat overshadowed by the fact that this will be the first special keynote by Tim Cook in his new role of CEO. Cook has handled past keynotes while in the interim role, but the stakes are much higher now that he's officially the man in charge.

It's not yet clear whether Steve Jobs will in any way make an appearance.

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