Who Has the Best Music-Biz Tumblr? Cast Your Vote Here!
Who Has the Best Music-Biz Tumblr? Cast Your Vote Here!

Like Blogspot, Livejournal, Twitter, and many other online services before it, Tumblr began as a largely underground network of web-savvy media junkies, and has turned into something far beyond that.

Like any effective mode of social networking, Tumblr has caught the attention of the Internet's biggest players, not least those involved in the music industry.

So we want to know: Who has the best music-business Tumblr? Send your nominee to bizeditors@billboard.com by Friday, October 7, for inclusion in a forthcoming issue of Billboard and on Billboard.biz! Nominees must be limited to people behind the scenes, i.e. no notable recording or performing artists, although songwriters, producers etc. are eligible.

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Based on the reader response to our " 30 Under 30" and " Twitter 140" packages earlier this year, we've got big hopes for this package, so send in your nominee now!