Web Trends: Listen To Spotify's Most Played Song Of 2011
Web Trends: Listen To Spotify's Most Played Song Of 2011

Spotify has reached 250,000 paying customers in the U.S. since its mid-July launch, according to a Reuters report. By just about any measure, that is a strong performance over just a three-month period.

In addition, the service is said to have "well north" of 2 million U.S. users. So according to these numbers, Spotify has 1.75 million free users and at least 12.5 percent of its total users have acquired a paid subscription.

On a global level, Spotify has about 2 million paying subscribers, the company revealed September 21. And earlier this week, Spotify said in a statement related to its 2010 financial reports it has a ratio of paid subscribers to active free users of "over 15 percent." A little math (2 million divided by 0.15) reveals the service has over 13.3 million active users in the nine countries in which it operates. The company did not reveal how many registered users it has.

In spite of Spotify's rapid growth, it is still the new kid on the block. Veteran subscription service Rhapsody has 800,000 subscribers, although that number if quite a few months old and could be outdated by now. And Rhapsody will soon get a growth spurt as the company has agreed to acquire Napster. Reuters pegs Napster's subscribers at 400,000.

For the overall market, the most important thing about Spotify and other new services is that they are most likely growing the subscription market. With the launch of Spotify and the surprising success of Cricket's Muve service, the subscription market seems to be attracting new listeners. In contrast, Rhapsody's growth will come at the expense of Napster and will not add to the size of the overall market.