Watch: Blippar Augmented Reality App with Warner Music Nashville's Hunter Hayes
Watch: Blippar Augmented Reality App with Warner Music Nashville's Hunter Hayes

Warner Music Nashville has paired with Blippar to enable the UK-based developer's mobile app to offer fans a different way to access music and video. A sticker on the front of Hunter Hayes' new, self-titled CD on the label notes the "3D exclusive" and encourages consumers to download the Blippar app and "Blipp the cover."

Here's how it works: hold a mobile app (iPad, iPhone or Android device) up to a Blippar-enabled product in the device's viewfinder. Blippar recognizes the object and icons appear that link to videos, music, tour info and "Hunter's Community." As the YouTube video shows, the iPad's large screen makes it a good way to view Blippar content. But smaller, more portable devices would be better for "blipping" objects away from home.

Working with Blippar was a way for Warner Music Nashville to experiment with a new technology that enhances the CD experience, VP of Consumer & Interactive Marketing Jeremy Holley tells "We've done QR codes in the past and wanted to look at a new way to trigger the experience off of the album artwork versus just a barcode. Hunter, being very tech savvy, immediately recognized this experience as something he wanted to offer his fans."

Holley says the tech-savvy Hayes is always looking for ways to engage with his fans. One of his many passions is filmmaking, and he films and edits his own weekly video blogs on his website. With the Blippar technology, Holley says Hayes was drawn to the way a fan can immediately access his videos and other content in a 3D augmented reality.

Right now the Blippar app is used by a range of mostly UK products such as Marmite, Cadbury, Metro Herald, 5 different banks and 13 different soccer teams.