Twitter Simplifies In Bid to Engage More Users
Twitter Simplifies In Bid to Engage More Users

Twitter has hired former record label marketing manager Tatiana Simonian (@drtatiana) to handle music partnerships for the company's Content and Programming team, a rep for the company confirmed to today. She was previously manager for social media, mobile and app campaigns for Disney Music Group and has a background in journalism and social media.

Twitter's Content and Programming team is headed by Chloe Sladden (@ChloeS), a former vice president at Current TV. To help the department's goal of integrating Twitter with TV, news, sports, music and entertainment, her group offers resources and advice to TV producers, newsrooms and sports teams. Along with Simonian, Sladden also brought in a person for a position dedicated to newsrooms and expects to add four more positions in the next three months, according to a New York Times article that details Twitter's relationship with TV shows.

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One example of how Twitter is working more closely with music companies is its partnership with the TV show " The X Factor." The Simon Cowell-produced music competition will allow viewers to vote for their favorite singers once voting commences November 2.

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