eMusic Debuts New 'eMusic Scenes' iPad App
eMusic Debuts New 'eMusic Scenes' iPad App

Music fans are probably finding it increasingly difficult not to own an iPad: Last week music-blog fans got a new Shuffler.fm iPad app; there are iPad-specific apps by Pandora, SoundHound and iHeartMusic; and Android tablets don't come close to the iPad when it comes to music-creation tools.

Here's yet another reason to plunk down at least $499 at an Apple store. eMusic has come out with an iPad app called "eMusic Scenes." The free app tells stories of 18 notable musical scenes, including Detroit Soul (1960 - 1975), Greenwich Village Folk (1960 - 1965) and Berlin Techno (2000 - 2010). The app's content is curated by eMusic editors with contributions from leading music writers.

Here's how the eMusic blog 17 dots describes it: "The way it works is easy: simply touch the scene you're interested in learning about, and you'll get a brief introduction to the scene - written by one of our well-respected eMusic writers - along with biographies of the artists responsible for creating the scene and links to their most famous works. You can watch videos, listen to radio stations featuring music from each Scene and dive deeper into the store to buy the music you've just discovered."

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"eMusic Scenes" follows the company's strategy of selling music by engaging serious music fans (through editorial and curated radio stations, for example). The app does not directly enable purchase of music from eMusic, but eMusic members can save albums featured in a scene to their member "Save for Later" lists.