Video: This Week In Music With Sonos CEO John Macfarlane
Video: This Week In Music With Sonos CEO John Macfarlane

On this edition of This Week In Music, Ian Rogers sits down with Sonos CEO John Macfarlane to discuss the future of Sonos, streaming music, and subscription services. Sonos, with their wireless HiFi players and music systems, have meshed will subscription streaming music services, like Spotify and Pandora, allowing consumers to freely integrate their streaming music with their Sonos music systems.

Already in over 400,000 homes worldwide with over a million pieces sold, Sonos looks to innovate the music listening experience. The proof is in the numbers: MacFarlane points out that last December, the average Sonos customer listened to eight minutes of subscription streaming versus just one minute on their local library.

So how does Sonos work so well with these streaming services? Easy, they also have the streaming services' best interests in mind. "We want them to be successful, so we go to a Spotify and we'll integrate with them, but we don't ask them for any revenue or anything. We just want them to be successful because they're all getting started," explains Macfarlane. "You don't want to steal a bunch of revenue from them."

Even as the music industry faces questions about its future, for MacFarlane, Sonos is result of an exciting time in music. "It's a great time, there are more people listening to music than ever before. You've just got to unlock the innovation."