Billboard's 2011 Women In Music Honorees
Billboard's 2011 Women In Music Honorees

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No. 6
Amanda Marks

Global head of digital accounts, Universal Music Group
Twitter: @AmandaMarks

Amanda Marks is one of the most influential executives in the digital media industry. She has been a key member of Universal Music Group's digital efforts since the format's early days in the late '90s, and was promoted in the past year to global head of digital accounts. She now oversees UMG's partnerships with iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Vevo and Amazon, in addition to managing digital accounts in all 77 countries in which UMG operates. She guides UMG's strategy to reflect the changing marketplace, while supporting marketing programs and ensuring an array of ways for fans to consume music. Her efforts have helped UMG earn a 13% increase in revenue globally for the first half of the year, the company says. Previously at Universal Music Group Distribution, Marks guided the transition to a "format agnostic" distribution strategy, with a common structure for digital or physical accounts. She also oversaw the outsourcing of all UMGD digital fulfillment in the United States to INgrooves and launched Groovetown Vinyl, an online store specializing in high-quality audio products. Now for UMG, she says, "I am more looking forward than back, [and] most of the stuff I have been involved in, like working with our global partners to increase their reach, you won't see the impact for some time. But from where I sit, the table is set for a very good year next year for the industry and Universal."

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