Morning Heds: Grammy Cuts, The End of the Blues, Kanye's G.O.O.D. Album
Morning Heds: Grammy Cuts, The End of the Blues, Kanye's G.O.O.D. Album

Adele's '21' Aiming for 14th Week at No. 1, LMFAO Headed For First Top 10 Album
Adele's "21," the top selling release of 2011, is poised to make yet another return to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 next week, marking the album's 14th non-consecutive frame atop the list. The last album to spend more weeks at No. 1 was the "Titanic" soundtrack, which racked 16 weeks in the penthouse in 1998.

Cuts in Grammys Draw Grumbling but Little Action
New York Times
With the awards ceremony less than two months away the steam seems to have gone out of the protests. Many musicians in the affected categories are still angry, but they remain poorly organized, and their ire so far has not translated into a coherent movement.

Is This the Twilight of Blues Music?

Chicago Tribune
All these men - Sumlin, Edwards, Perkins and Smith - picked cotton under the scorching sun of the Mississippi Delta early in the previous century, in the aftermath of slavery. Their music gave voice to that era and brought it to Chicago, where they invented an urbanized blues that would become inextricably bound with this city but now is heard here less and less. From this point forth, the blues must struggle on without them.

Kanye West's GOOD Music Album 'Almost Done'
The ball hasn't even dropped yet, but 2012 is already looking to be a pretty good year for hip-hop thanks to planned releases from Kanye West and his G.O.O.D. Music clan.

The Year When Rock Just Spun Its Wheels
New York Times

2011 may well be remembered as the most numbing year for mainstream rock music in history. (For the purposes of this article, that's more or less rock released on American major labels, regardless of origin, and played on mainstream rock radio stations.) The genre didn't produce a single great album, and the best of the middling walked blindly in footprints laid out years, even decades, earlier.

The Next Year in Music Technology (blog)
Despite digital music's hyperkinetic evolution in 2011, the new year looks set to usher in even more high-tech advancements that will extend streaming, online and downloadable tunes' reach in increasingly innovative ways.

Behind the music: What mattered in the music industry in 2011 - and some - and some predictions for 2012...
The Guardian (blog)
It has been a momentous year for the record business, with EMI being broken up and even Simon Cowell taking a knocking. Here are five key stories to remember

Media Basically Throwing Britney Spears a Party
NY Magazine
The circle is complete: Four years and 10-and-a-half months after Britney Spears' trainwrecky, self-induced baldness, the newly 30-year-old, recently re-engaged, resurgently successful singer was dubbed one of the Five Happiest Celebs of 2011.

Maybach Music Group Artist Pill Calls Out His Label

The rapper takes to Twitter to vent his frustration with Rick Ross's MMG.

Award Time For Ideas That Shine
New York Times
The Pogie Awards (by NYT tech writer David Pogue) are given to the best tech ideas of the year, even if the products aren't that hot. And the winners are....

Go Daddy: Never Mind That SOPA Thing, Look at Naked Danica Patrick

Days after suffering a public-relations pounding that resulted in the loss of as many as 37,000 domains, Go Daddy, the privately held domain-name registrar and Web host, is resorting to its tried-and-true weapon for generating attention and maybe business: A nearly naked Danica Patrick.

Japanese Drinks Company Launches Vending Machine With Free Wi-Fi (as well as drinks)
Digital Trends
Japanese drinks giant Asahi has decided to put its thousands of vending machines to better use by turning them into Wi-Fi hotspots, a move which should prove popular in a country where such hotspots are few and far between.