Morning Heds: GoDaddy Now Opposes SOPA, Weeknd's Lucrative Career Path, Sub Pop's 2011 Sea Change
Morning Heds: GoDaddy Now Opposes SOPA, Weeknd's Lucrative Career Path, Sub Pop's 2011 Sea Change

GoDaddy Bows to Boycott, Now 'Opposes' SOPA
In response to "Dump GoDaddy Day," the embattled domain registrar finally decides to oppose drastic Hollywood-backed copyright bills.

The Weeknd Finds Lucrative Career Path - Without Ever Selling A Record

Abel Tesfaye gives away his music for free, but has still found overwhelming success. Is this the future of the music industry?

Seattle Shakeup: How Sub Pop Changed Again In 2011

Sub Pop's musical releases have always leaned toward rock - which made it surprising that they spent 2011 putting out rap and dance music by Shabazz Palaces, Niki & the Dove and Washed Out.

AFTRA, Music Labels Set Talk Date
Negotiations between dancers for music videos and record labels will resume Jan. 11-12 after a six-month break. The American Federation of Television & Radio Artists, which reps the dancers, has scheduled a Jan. 6 rally in front of Sony Music offices in Beverly Hills to support the dancers

Anonymous To "Destroy" Sony's Online Network for SOPA Support
PlayStation LifeStyle
With Sony's online service hacked and brought down earlier in the year by internet activists Anonymous, gamers everywhere suffered from the downtime of the PlayStation Network and its subsequent hack. Unfortunately, if you thought that it was all over, then you'd sadly be wrong - Anonymous seems to have declared war on Sony, again.

Soundtracks for a Year's Last Parties
New York Times
Here, the pop and jazz critics for The New York Times preview some of the better options for letting go: ostentatious dance-music events with free-flowing liquor; performances by widely influential artists who have made New Year's Eve one of their traditions; rough-edged parties with young bands that are as much about open ears and musical discovery as about remembering, or forgetting, the year that just ended.

Alibaba, its sights on Yahoo, hires U.S. lobbying group
Chinese Internet company Alibaba is investing in new lobbying power in the U.S., a move that syncs up with its reported plans to make a serious bid for Yahoo.

In Memoriam: Tech Products We Lost Too Soon


The year is nearing its end, and while 2012 is expected to be increasingly cloud-y, voice-controlled and filled with more mobile madness, this seems like an appropriate moment to look back and remember those that have gone to the tech-product graveyard in 2011.

The Facebook Messenger desktop app is here
Digital Trends
A Facebook desktop application has long-been rumored, and now it's here. Without much fanfare at all, you can now keep tabs on your notifications, friend requests, ticker, and chat all without opening your browser.

Red Hot Chili Peppers To Play Russian Billionaire's New Year's Eve Party

Loud Wire
Most of us celebrate New Year's Eve with a few libations, some resolutions and many raised glasses. Red Hot Chili Peppers, on the other hand, will enjoy the copious benefits of being rock stars by performing at Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich's New Year's Eve Party.

Kelly Clarkson endorses Ron Paul; incurs wrath from Twitter
LA Times
"American Idol" pop queen Kelly Clarkson has always identified with fiesty underdogs, and her support of Ron Paul seems to be no different.

Lustmord signs with Universal Music Group
Palo Verde Valley Times
Death/Black Metal band Lustmord, led by former Blythe resident Anthony Lustmord, has signed an exclusive distribution deal with Universal Music Group (UMG) that will cover the band's next three albums.

Have You Heard Of Brazilian Country Music Phenomenon Michel Teló Yet? You Will.
Following in the footsteps of Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black, 30-year-old Brazilian singer and composer Michel Teló can also be described as 'an internet phenomenon.