Morning Heds: CES & SOPA Cud Chewing, L.A.'s Music Box Closes, Homer Backs the Nuge
Morning Heds: CES & SOPA Cud Chewing, L.A.'s Music Box Closes, Homer Backs the Nuge

CES 2012: Here's What The Music Biz Will Be Watching For

The International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which launches today, has long been the go-to event for the tech and mobile industries and is increasingly becoming a magnet for music-based services and media companies. Here then are CES events, performances and announcements the music industry can look forward too.

HMV reports Christmas sales slump
BBC News
Troubled retailer HMV has reported a sharp fall in sales for the Christmas period but noted a slowing in the decline of its music and film business.

Netflix Launches Video Streaming Service in the UK and Ireland
After months of preparation, Netflix has launched its online video streaming service in the UK and Ireland.

Industry Figures Claim Police Actions Damaging Urban Music Live Scene
Music Week

Music industry figures have expressed discontent about the way police risk assess urban music events.

SOPA Is a Symbol of the Movie Industry's Failure to Innovate

The Atlantic
This controversial anti-piracy legislation is all about studios and other corporations making excuses for their technological backwardness and looking out for their short-term profit

Hollywood's Music Box closed -- for now

Los Angeles Times
Hollywood's Music Box has closed its doors, venue promoter Goldenvoice confirms. A spokeswoman for the promoter, however, noted that Goldenvoice was still hoping to stage its events at the space, and concerts that were due to go on sale this weekend, such as a March 22 show for the '60s influenced pop of the Cults, would go on sale as planned.

Apple's Siri uses three times more data than earlier iPhones
Washington Post

Apple's latest iPhone 4S is using three times as much data as the previous version, according to a study by networking software firm Arieso.

A Tech Show Loses Clout as Industry Shifts
New York Times

Once again, the Consumer Electonics Shows in Las Vegas is unlikely to be where any blockbuster products of 2012 are introduced.

If Grateful Dead's Music Were a Wine, What Would It Taste Like?

Locked away in his garage just over a year ago, Mendocino winemaker Mark Beaman spent hours soaking up the vibe of the Grateful Dead album "Steal Your Face." Then he set about creating a red wine that "interprets" the album's music and uses the cover art on its label.

Don't Let War on Piracy Break the Internet
The Guardian

Legislation on internet piracy presented to Congress last year is the typical kneejerk response of the 'content' industry to change

Natural Hair Song By Tiririca Deemed Racist, Sony Music Ordered To Pay $1.2 Million
Huffington Post

Sony Music has been ordered to pay $1.2 million (equivalent to about $656,000 in American dollars) in retroactive compensation back to 1997 for the release of the song "Veja os Cabelos Dela (Look at Her Hair)" by the Brazilian singer, comedian and politician Francisco Everardo Oliveira Silva whose stage name is Tiririca.

'Simpsons': Homer Backs Ted Nugent For President

In a timely installment of "The Simpsons" Homer becomes the voice of the people, earning his own talk show on a network very similar to Fox News. There, he can spout his opinions and say what the common man is thinking and endorses Ted Nugent for President.