CES Quick Hits: Tim, Chris Vanderhook on Making MySpace TV 'Complete TV Experience'
CES Quick Hits: Tim, Chris Vanderhook on Making MySpace TV 'Complete TV Experience'

LAS VEGAS -- Just what exactly is MySpace TV? As described by Tim and Chris Vanderhook, MySpace's new owners at Specific Media, it's a "linear TV experience" for the app-heavy smart TV marketplace. Launching on Panasonic's Viera TVs some time before the end of the second quarter, MySpace TV and it's accompanying mobile and tablet apps wants to be Twitter, Shazam and Facebook all in one. The pair are at CES promoting their new vision for MySpace, and started things off with a bang by bringing out co-owner Justin Timberlake on Monday.

Not only can users stream new music videos and vote on which ones they want to see next with other users in real-time, they can also interact with music on any other TV channel. Let's say you're watching a video from The Band Perry on MTV, and want to find out more about the group. By turning on the MySpace TV mobile app, the Viera technology will help your mobile device recognize the song and instantly redirect you to The Band Perry's MySpace page for more information and social media functionality.

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"We want to provide for the complete TV experience," Tim Vanderhook said from Panasonic's booth in Central Hall. "We're not trying to disrupt the TV model. Most digital guys think of free, over-the-top apps and we want to be integrated."

MySpace TV comes on the heels of the company's revamped music player, as the site readies a more formal relaunch later this year. The Vanderhooks remained mum on further plans at this time, though Chris promised a drastic change to the old advertising model. "It won't be flashing, blinking banners," he said. "We've created a whole new experience for our users, so now it's, how do you create an equal experience for advertisers?"