En Vivo Launches on SiriusXM Radio by National Latino Broadcasting
En Vivo Launches on SiriusXM Radio by National Latino Broadcasting

National Latino Broadcasting has launched En Vivo, a new music channel aimed at U.S. Latinos on SiriusXM, according to a spokesperson for the media company.

Officially on the air today (Jan. 12), the channel (147) will include popular music, live performances and various music-related programming in a two-channel deal that will include Latin Grammy related content with the Latin Recording Academy.

En Vivo will also go beyond music by offering programs such the bilingual talk show, "Tu Mañana Live." Other programs include "The Mash Up," featuring current Spanish and English music hits selected by well-known DJs and "Concerto En Vivo," which will broadcast concerts from around the globe and " 'En Vivo,' a live show directly from the best clubs in the country.

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"The sheer diversity of genres within this music makes the programming possibilities truly exciting and our partnership with The Latin Recording Academy makes this endeavor unique and unprecedented," says Nelson Albareda, president and CEO of National Latino Broadcasting.

Last year in April National Latino Broadcasting was picked by Sirius XM Radio to lease two channels (including 146) on a long-term basis on each of the Sirius and XM satellite radio platforms.

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In May of 2011, National Latino Broadcasting signed popular talk show celebrity Cristina Saralegui to an exclusive contract. Cristina Radio is also launching this month and will feature programming such as news, entertainment and political issues.

One of the new programs through the En Vivo banner includes "LAMC Mix Tape," featuring Latin alternative music played by Tomas Cookman of Nacional Records.