EMI Music France Acquires Stake in PlayOn
EMI Music France Acquires Stake in PlayOn

EMI Music France has acquired a "significant" stake in PlayOn.

Why would EMI Music France invest in a company that releases DVDs, produces live theatrical events, works with musical artists and is generally involved with music rights? "With this partnership, PlayOn will be able to speed up its international development and more generally synergize its diverse activities with EMI Music, working in close cooperation with EMI Music Publishing," co-founders Sébastien Duclos and Julien Godin explained in a statement.

The French company PlayOn is not to be confused by the American company PlayOn, the creator of technology that allows consumers to watch web video on their TVs.

EMI's press release announcing the deal notes that PlayOn has had "several very successful local projects over the last five years." It highlights the French singer Zaz, who has sold more than 1.5 million albums worldwide. Other artists mentioned are Colonel Reyel, Elisa Tovati and Gerard Lenorman.

Olivier Montfort, Chairman, EMI Music France, said, "With many success stories behind it, PlayOn has become in a short space of time, a leading actor in France's independent production sector. PlayOn has also broken into the international market thanks to the worldwide development of the artist Zaz. The partnership with EMI will strengthen PlayOn's development in France as well as abroad."