Senzari, New Internet Radio Service, Launches On Three Continents
Senzari, New Internet Radio Service, Launches On Three Continents

Senzari, a new music service that offers Internet radio with personalized recommendations and a full integration with Facebook, is preparing to officially launch at an international level by the end of February.

Like Pandora, Senzari is Internet streaming radio and offers recommendations as well as the capability to personalize stations and choose artists that are appealing to each user. But it differs broadly from Pandora both in its look-which is very visual and reminiscent of Spotify-and in its international reach. Senzari is already available in Brazil, the U.S. and Spain, where it has secured international licensing rights for radio webcasting.

"Senzari is a personalized internet radio service that is far more integrated to the user's social network and has an international focus," says Senzari COO Demian Bellumio, speaking from the company's offices in Miami's Brickell Key, overlooking Biscayne Bay. Senzari has a social media integration, with Facebook, including real-time chatting, and can be accessed with Facebook's log-in information. The site can also be accessed directly at, and unlike Spotify, users don't have to download an application to use the service. Mobile and tablet applications are scheduled to launch in the next few months.

The international expansion capacity is a key differentiator for Senzari. "We believe that taking a global strategic approach will position us as the leading international Internet radio service provider within the next 12 months, says Senzari CEO Bill Hajjar. "We are confident that this key differentiator, coupled with our proprietary and highly efficient recommendation technology, will allow us to break-even in every new market in record time."

Senzari had a Beta launch last year in Brazil, followed by the U.S. and now, Spain, offering a catalog of over 10 million songs. The company raised $2 million in financing from private investors and has raised an additional $1 million for 2012. But Senzari will operate on an ad-revenue model with long-term plans to announce an ad-free premium service.

The company has partnered with Viacom to sell ads in Brazil and is working in the U.S. with Target Spot.

Senzari's team of investors and shareholders include entertainment attorney Joel Katz-chairman of Sports and Entertainment at Greenberg Traurig, LLP-who is Senzari's head legal counsel.