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Power Players

No. 22
Dan Mason

CBS Radio
Twitter: @CBSRadio
Focusing The Eye...

Mason, who returned to CBS Radio's top office in 2007 after serving in that role from 1995 to 2002, oversees all aspects of the company's 130 stations. Upon his return, Mason quickly reshaped the New York radio landscape, restoring the "CBS-FM" nickname and classic hits format to 101.1 after the frequency's controversial two-year stint as variety hits Jack-FM. How popular was the resurrection? Mayor Michael Bloomberg proclaimed July 12, 2007, "WCBS-FM Returns to New York City Day." Listeners agreed with the move: In May 2010, the station scored its first No. 1 ratings book since fall 1994, according to Arbitron's Portable People Meter tally of listeners aged 6-plus. Nationally, CBS Radio has also taken advantage of the current pop music boom, having signed on mainstream top 40 stations in New York (WXRK), Los Angeles (KAMP) and Detroit (WDZH). Under Mason's stewardship, the company continues to embrace change. "Can you imagine programmers in the '70s having the tools and applications that PDs have now?" Mason mused to Billboard's sister publication Radio & Records in 2008. "I look at [technological advances] as an opportunity to make my product bigger."

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