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No. 50
Jon Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi
Twitter: @BonJovi

Rock & Roll CEO...

Jon Bon Jovi's frontman duties extend well beyond the demands of writing songs, singing powerfully and channeling charisma. Not only does Bon Jovi lead onstage, but offstage he runs the brand that is the band that bears his name. And with Bon Jovi kicking ass by any metric used to quantify a group's success-ticket sales, awards, branding, chart-topping albums and steady global growth-the Bon Jovi business is good. Since 2000 the band has sold 13 million tickets and grossed nearly $1 billion at the box office, according to Billboard Boxscore. It has released eight albums and a boxed set generating more than 23 million units sold worldwide, according to Nielsen SoundScan and Universal Music Group. Those who work with Bon Jovi tout his drive and business instincts nearly as often as his songs and vocal chops. More than a few have called him the band's CEO. "If, after three decades, you haven't learned how to run your business, then you really are a living, breathing cliché of rock'n'roll," he recently told Billboard. "So I take pride in that description." More power to him.

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