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Power Players

No. 89
John Ivey & Alex Tear

Mainstream CHR brand manager; mainstream CHR brand coordinator
Clear Channel Media and Entertainment
Twitter: @JohnIvey, @at961

Clear Channel's Premium Choice national programming platform has its detractors. Railing against the company's ever-expanding movement of national music logs replacing local music selection (in some cases, as much as 24 hours per day) in markets large and small, critics cite decreased localism and job losses as damaging for both listeners and industry members. Such ire, of course, reinforces Premium Choice's influence. As the decision-makers responsible for Premium Choice's mainstream top 40 sound, Ivey (who doubles as KIIS Los Angeles PD) and Tear (pictured; WHYI Miami's PD) determine what current pop music receives such prominent nationwide exposure under the direction of Tom Poleman (see No. 42), president of national programming platforms, and Darren Davis, who leads the company's lineup of brand managers across all formats, including AC, classic hits, country, Latin, rock and rhythmic. "Our brand managers are an unprecedented team of the top-performing format experts," Davis said in November. "They offer a level of expertise, experience and talent that is unavailable anywhere else."

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