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Power Players

No. 47
Nathan Hubbard

Twitter: @NathanCHubbard
The Golden Ticket...

Hubbard oversees the company at the top of the ticketing food chain. Ticketmaster, which merged with Live Nation in January 2010, services more than 10,000 clients, moving 400 million-plus tickets annually. "Ticketmaster offers the richest, most diverse set of ticketing functionality in the business by far," he says. "We're the most scalable and stable platform by far. And we absolutely, unequivocally sell more tickets." Hubbard has the power to set various ticketing fees, which has a strong impact on the attitude of ticket buyers. Ticketing as a marketing tool-including bundling music with tickets-has become hugely important to artists. Hubbard also has the ability to strike exclusive distribution partnerships with major brands and form other new alliances. Last spring, in a different approach to discounting than in 2010, Live Nation partnered with Groupon to develop online ticketing-deal channel GrouponLive. Hubbard began his career helming the pioneering direct-to-fan operation MusicToday and spent a year launching Live Nation's own ticketing company before the Live Nation-Ticketmaster merger. Hubbard: a hot ticket.

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