Four Tet, Fever Ray, Terry Riley Featured On Blonde Redhead's Japan Benefit Comp Out Today
Four Tet, Fever Ray, Terry Riley Featured On Blonde Redhead's Japan Benefit Comp Out Today

Four Tet - Moma by Four Tet

Today (Feb. 7), marks the release of We Are The Works In Progress, an album to benefit Japanese disaster relief compiled and organized by Kazu Makino of the band Blonde Redhead.

The album, featuring such artists as Terry Riley, Four Tet (listen to his track "Moma" above), Fever Ray (hear her track here), Deerhunter, Interpol, Pantha Du Prince and David Sylvain and Ryuchi Sakamoto, is the first release on Blonde Redhead's new Asa Wa Kuru (Japanese for "Morning Will Come") label and is available in only digital and vinyl formats.

Songs for Japan Raises $10 Million For Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

We Are The Works In Progress will benefit the Japan Society Earthquake Fund and Architecture For Humanity with more charities to be added later. Makino intends to use different beneficiaries as the situation changes and is planning to work with agencies helping decrease reliance on nuclear power.

Japanese Music Industry Aiding Disaster Relief

Artists on the compilation contributed demos or alternate versions which Makino encouraged for the project. "This album contains exclusive material by artists that I admire," Makino said in a release. "It took a while to make it this way, but it was worth the wait. We wanted it to be something special - something you don't normally put on and album, and therefore many of these tracks are works in progress….hence the name.

Makino was born and raised in Kyoto and now lives in New York.

The digital album can be ordered via iTunes and the double vinyl LP can be purchased online at the Saki Store.

We Are The Works In Progress track listing:
1. Moma - Four Tet Exclusive
2. No Face - Karin Dreijer Andersson Fever Ray/The Knife, Exclusive
3. G Song - Terry Riley Exclusive Reworking Of A Song From The 70s By Terry Himself, Including New Vocals
4. Nightcrawler - Nosaj Thing Exclusive
5. Berceuse - John Roberts Exclusive
6. Penny Sparkle - Blonde Redhead Drew Brown Exclusive Remix Of Album Track
7. Bird On A Wire - Pantha Du Prince Exclusive
8. In Here The World Begins - Broadcast Re-Release Of A Tour Vinyl-Only Track
9. Drip - Liars/Blonde Redhead Previously Released Track Remixed By Blonde Redhead
10. Curve - Deerhunter Previously Unreleased
11. Stalagmite - Stalactite Susumu Mukai Of Zongamin Drew Brown, Exclusive
12. Castles In The Grave - John Maus Exclusive
13. Bamboo House - David Sylvian/Ryuichi Sakamoto Previously Released
14. Song Seven - Interpol Previously Released B-Side