Web Trends: Hear A New Paul McCartney Song, Watch A New Panda Bear Video
Web Trends: Hear A New Paul McCartney Song, Watch A New Panda Bear Video

Another legacy artist's music is unavailable for streaming after the Concord Music Group/Hear Music catalog of Paul McCartney was ordered removed from subscription services. The news was first reported at Digital Music News.

The takedown affects some of McCartney's recent solo albums on Hear Music as well as the slew of older releases by McCartney and Wings that were reissued in 2010. Numerous Hear Music titles on the leaked takedown list were still available at Rdio Wednesday morning, including McCartney's McCartney II and Tripping the Live Fantastic and Wings' London Town and Wings Over America. Concord Music Group did not respond to Billboard.biz's requests for comment by press time.

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The decision to pull McCartney's catalog from subscription services didn't impact Spotify. A Spotify spokesperson tells Billboard.biz the service had not had McCartney's catalog since it went from EMI to Concord/Hear Music in 2010.

McCartney joins a sizeable list of artists who have held back catalog from subscription services at one point or another. Recently Coldplay and the Black Keys have held back new releases. Other artists to hold back all or parts of their catalogs from streaming services include Bob Seger, Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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One digital executive pointed Billboard.biz to the recent - and unrelated to Paul McCartney - disappearance of John Lennon's catalog from subscription services. The few Lennon songs found on Spotify, for example, are songs licensed to compilations, such as "Gimme Some Truth" on the 2008 Sire Records compilation Body of War: Songs that Inpspired an Iraq War Veteran. Only covers of Lennon songs are available at Rdio. Many of Lennon's albums are available at Mog but "due to licensing restrictions" they can be streamed only by paying subscribers.

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This removal of certain content is inevitable as artists exercise their right to choose when and where to offer their music on digital services. Spotify is disappointed but it taking this latest episode in stride. "Unfortunately a small and shrinking number of artists have opted not to make their music available on streaming services at this point in time," the Spotify spokesperson told Billboard.biz. "We're adding well over 1,000 albums on Spotify every single day, so we know our users will always be able to find music they love."