Audiogalaxy Jumps Into Internet Radio
Audiogalaxy Jumps Into Internet Radio

Audiogalaxy jumped into the Internet radio game Tuesday with Mixes, a free web-based service that plays personalized streams of songs.

Internet radio is an increasingly crowded market, but Audiogalaxy does it a bit differently. The web-based Internet radio service is ad-free and free of charge, but mobile access to Internet radio will cost $4 a month, according to a report at GigaOm. The mobile app also provides free streaming of a user's personal music locker.

Audiogalaxy began as a file-sharing service in 2002 and was shut down due to a copyright infringement lawsuit. It reappeared as partner with Choruss, the failed experiment that aimed to give college students a legal file-sharing service.

Audiogalaxy reemerged as an online music locker in 2010. Files stored in users' lockers provide the catalog of songs used in the Internet radio service. Streaming data from the file locker service allows Audiogalazy to create playlists based on tracks that are popular in a particular location.

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