Business Matters: Are Market-Based Solution the Future of Music? Ask GreenLight Music, EMI Music Publishing
Business Matters: Are Market-Based Solution the Future of Music? Ask GreenLight Music, EMI Music Publishing

Bill Gates' online content licensing company Corbis is pushing into the music realm, with the newly-launched GreenLight Music allowing customers to purchase and license tracks from all four major labels for use on websites, corporate functions, trade shows, and stage productions.

Beginning today, GreenLight will allow customers to peruse its massive catalog of big name artists and negotiate prices for licensing with individual labels, following on the model that Corbis had previously set with its photo, art and film offerings, which includes the reproduction rights to the "Mona Lisa" and the likenesses of Johnny Cash, Albert Einstein, and Thomas Edison, among others.

"GreenLight Music is a breakthrough, online solution that takes music licensing from a complex process, to a simple, online experience requiring only a few clicks," said Gary Shenk, chief executive officer of Corbis, in a statement. "Now, customers who would have shied away from using popular music can come to GreenLight Music to discover, search, select and purchase the iconic songs they want, quickly and easily online."

What this means is essentially that GreenLight serves as a one stop shop for marketing and creative professionals who want to incorporate popular or iconic songs into their branding or marketing campaigns, and makes it easier than ever to work out the legalities of the proceedings. The service will also roll out an eBay-esque "Get It Now" function for songs that can be purchased at a standard rate, as well as provide pricing and recommendation guidance for potential customers to help find the songs they are looking for.

"It's our responsibility to find new and innovative ways to help EMI's artists achieve the success they always dreamed of and, as part of that, we are committed to finding ways to simplify the sync licensing process to provide easy-to-use solutions for creative professionals," said Brian Monaco, executive vice president for sales and strategic marketing at EMI Music Publishing, in a statement. "GreenLight has always been a pioneer in finding new revenue opportunities for music licensing, and the GreenLight Music platform uses technology to remove barriers and take the opportunity into new directions."