Are you the type of Belieber who prefers your Justin staring wistfully to the side, or the type who prefers him running a hand through his stylish gentleman's haircut?

Backbeat: Justin Bieber Joins Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Team at New York's Z-100

Justin Bieber is inviting fans to choose between two photographs himself on Twitter. The 18-year-old singer says the winning photo will grace the cover of his next single, "Boyfriend." Fans can tweet using the hashtags #JBboyfriend1 or #JBboyfriend2 to vote for their favorite.

The candidates can be found on his official website, and the winning photo will be declared next Monday, one week before "Boyfriend" drops.

The "Boyfriend" promotion comes ahead of Bieber's next album, "Believe" which is to come out later this year. Bieber has enlisted some popular talent for Believe, which is said to include contributions from Drake, Adam Levine of Maroon 5, and Lil Wayne.