In the most recent installment of This Week in Music, Topspin's Ian Rogers talks to John Grady of Crush Management Nashville about the resurgance of bluegrass and developing young artists. To Grady, the success - 9 Grammys worth - of the O Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack in 2000 ("a gospel record record that everybody turned into a bluegrass record," he says) represented a "creative explosion and opportunity" for more traditional country music. "As with everything, phases and fas last [only] so long, but there were a number of careers that branched out enormously from that little interlude," he says.

On Crush, Grady focused on the management company's focus on developing young artists and sticking with them. Crush has "a mindset of finding an artist early in their career and developing them and staying with them and being able to do things along the way that - hopefully - those decisions enhance the artist's career," he says. "They're doers."