sleeper Sleeper Agent's Alex Kandel relaxing in the VIP lounge after her band's noon set at Coachella day three. (Photo: Catie Laffoon)

Sleeper Agent - Alex Kandel

We found Alex Kandel, vocalist for Bowling Green-based Sleeper Agent, refueling with a coconut water and resting on a couch in the VIP section following the band's 12:00 pm set on the outdoor stage.

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"It was so much fun! I don't think I've ever smiled so much on stage. People are like, 'Why do you usually look so sad and miserable on stage.' It's kind of just my face. But I seriously don't think I've ever smiled that much while playing. It was just so much fun. I couldn't have been conscious of it. I was so in the moment of how fun it was that I was just being in it," she told Biz of her first Coachella experience.

Kandel was bummed that Sleeper Agent didn't arrive on site until late on Friday and that they missed the performance of her friends in Grouplove. She was planning on seeing Wild Flag and At The Drive In later.

"I did catch Bon Iver, though. Also, I'm interested in EDM because I don't really know that much about it so I kind of went over to that side last night. I watched David Guetta. I just felt like I was like just watching a bunch of mosquitoes. These lights come on and all these people are slowly zombie-like getting closer to the stage and I'm like, 'What is going on?' But it was really cool. I can't imagine what a production goes into those things. It's crazy."

Wolf Gang

wolf Gang's All Here (L to R): Lasse Petersen, Angus Murray (Everybody's Music Management), Iain Graham (tour manager), Max McElligott, Gavin Slater, James Wood. (Photo: Catie Laffoon)

Brit alt rockers Wolf Gang and crew were huddled around a picnic table preparing to do a photo shoot on the Coachella ferris wheel. "I'm not looking forward to this. I hate heights," said lead vocalist Max McElligott.

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Wolf Gang's manager, Angus Murray ( Everybody's Music Management), said the current priority for the band is to focus on pushing them in the USA. "We've got a track at radio right now and we're doing a Coldplay tour in June and July when we get back. They're also writing for a second record at the moment."

McElligott said he is really looking forward to playing with Coldplay and that Wolf Gang will be opening for 12 shows on their summer US tour.

"We got the news when we were recording some demos. My girlfriend came over there and I was saying goodbye to her and I came back to the studio and these guys were like, 'We got some great news. We're playing with Coldplay.' And I didn't believe them. I had to call up my manager," said guitarist Gavin Slater who explained that his bandmates are always "winding him up."

" Guy Berryman is the one that made it happen. He knows someone that works with us and he really liked the music so he really hustled to get us on that tour. It's going to be really nice meeting him and thanking him and getting some advice from these guys. They do their jobs so well and they are brilliant songwriters and it's going to be a really nice taste of what it could be like if you really work hard," McElligott explained.

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Murray told us that he and Iain Graham, Wolf Gang's tour manager ( Axletree) checked out Bon Iver and Radiohead the night before. "Bon Iver was amazing. Radiohead was a little slow and I had to leave halfway through. I missed all the good Radiohead stuff. The first twenty minutes they did "The King of Limbs" and I don't like that record; I haven't listened to it properly. I did catch "Pyramid Song" which was amazing though."

Morgan Page

page (L to R): Liz Erman, Senior Director Marketing at Nettwerk Music Group, Heather Henninger, Nettwerk Director of Digital Sales, Morgan Page, Jared Barboza, manager (Abbot Monroe) (Photo: Catie Laffoon)

After jumping off the podium from his bustling DJ set, Morgan Page threw on a hat, grabbed the sunscreen and headed out into the "Coachellaness" to investigate the scene.

"I saw a little Radiohead, a little Kaskade, the Swedes on Friday," he told us. Page explained that he was trying to catch as many EDM guys as possible and that Dada Life was going to put on an amazing set later that night and he hoped to catch up with them after.

"It's nice to have the pass to get backstage. I didn't know I could get back there. I didn't realize till like a day into it. I was like, 'no shit.' I'm hoping to see more of the guys now that I know I can get back there. We're all friends. It's like a club, it feels like that sometimes. You gotta stay in the club though. You don't want to get kicked out."

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We asked what would get you kicked out to which he replied, "I don't know. Make bad music?"

Accompanying Page was his manager of 5 years, Jared Barboza ( Abbot Monroe), Liz Erman, Senior Director Marketing at Nettwerk Music Group, and Heather Henninger, Nettwerk Director of Digital Sales. The foursome were buzzing about the "extreme Coachella weather" and reminiscing on freezing their asses off Friday night during Radiohead.

"I was uncomfortable. I had a t-shirt and a really thin jacket and I saw people in bikinis and stuff," said Page.

Henninger told us that Nettwerk, a Canadian label that specializes in dance and electronica and singer/songwriters, is currently focused on Morgan Page and Great Lake Swimmers, who just had a record out on April 3.

According to Erman, on May 4th the Great Lakes Swimmers kick off their tour with the first date in Chicago. They are going on the road with Cold Specks as openers.