Pitbull's panel discussion at the Billboard Latin Music Conference touched on his opinions on the music business, Latin culture, and working with Shakira, among other things, veering - like on his records - back and forth between speaking English and Spanish.

Pitbull Says Music Business is '90 Percent Business, 10 Percent Talent' at Latin Conference Q&A

On his record with Shakira: "She was like 'oh, I think we should change this part of the beat, maybe we could do something more like this.' And i said 'Mama, do whatever you want at the end of the day.' Because in the music business that we're in right now, we sit back, we pick which one is going to be a hit, you may disagree or agree, but every other one that we didn't pick, is gonna be a remix anyway! It's a win-win! That's the way I look at it. No problems, just solutions."

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On his track "I Know You Want Me": "This is called the music business. So when I say literally it's 90 percent business, 10 percent talent, that's exactly what it is. If you understand that, then you can start to do business in the music business. 'I Know You Want Me' was a record that was already out, so basically I look at the record and I do my own survey. I say: [it's] already playing on the radio with nothing on it, already playing in the club with people dancing to it, so just imagine if you were to put some words on this that were a little catchy! Wow! There's no genius to what I do."

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