MTV O Music Awards: Recapping 23 Awards In 24 Hours As The Flaming Lips Break A World Record
MTV O Music Awards: Recapping 23 Awards In 24 Hours As The Flaming Lips Break A World Record

Viacom Music Group's O Music Awards are returning for their third installment this June 27th, and in addition to handing out awards to the biggest digital innovators in music today, they'll be taking aim at a Guinness World Record.

This time around, the awards will be presented during a 24-hour live stream, during which one band will be attempting to break Jay-Z's record of the most live concerts in 24 hours (multiple cities), gunning for eight shows in one day while traveling across the Mississippi Delta. Kicking off the shows in Memphis and eventually landing in New Orleans, the yet-to-be-announced band will be performing throughout the homeland of rock and roll, linking up with multiple guest artists and meeting up with presenters that will be handing out awards.

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"The O Music Awards are a down and dirty experiment with storytelling across all of our screen," said Van Toffler, President of Viacom Music & Logo Group, in an exclusive statement to "In addition to breaking world records and doling out awards, it's the perfect springboard for us to launch artists like Foster the People, Mac Miller and Alabama Shakes. Next up, taking the audience on a wild 24 hour live road trip through the Mississippi Delta, the birthplace of rock, to topple yet another world record OMA style."

The award nominees will be announced May 23, but past winners have included Bjork, Kanye West, Nirvana, and Spotify, while past performers have included the Flaming Lips, Robyn, and Mumford & Sons.

This isn't the first Guinness World Record that the O Music Awards have tackled; they have three records under their belt now. In April 2011, Chiddy of Chiddy Band set records for longest freestyle rap and longest marathon rapping for his 9 hour, 16 minute, 22 second-long freestyle at the inaugural awards, and 13 dancers took down the record for longest team dance marathon after dancing for over 24 hours at the awards' second installment on Halloween. The second show became the second biggest live stream in MTV history and raised $32,000 to help fight bullying.

"We started O Music Awards as an experiment and it keeps gaining momentum as an incubator for experimenting with interactive storytelling across multiple platforms," said Dermot McCormack, Executive Vice President of Viacom Music & Logo Group, in a statement. "We invite the audience in and together we want to push the boundaries of how stories are told. We also have some fun, give out awards and break a few records."

This year's awards will be sponsored by Honda, Starbucks Frappuccinos, and SK Energy.