Though rumors are flying as to why Van Halen pulled the plug on the final 30 dates of the band's current tour, according to a reliable source close to the tour, the premature ending is not due to illness, injury, internal strife or lagging ticket sales. Rather, "fatigue" is the culprit, according to the source, who adds that that the dates are being postponed, not cancelled.

Van Halen Postpone Over 30 Tour Dates without Explanation

"We're doing great with ticket sales, they're not fighting, they're just burnt and they want to take some time off," says the source. "They got so excited and everything was going so well, they said, 'let's add more dates,' and I don't think they realized how tired they were. That may not sound like the truth, but it is."

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According to the source, with about 30 shows in the books, the tour has grossed $38 million and has sold about 375,000 tickets so far (the shows have not, as of yet, been reported to Billboard Boxscore. They've got 15 dates left to play, with the last show the band will play before taking a break being June 26 in New Orleans. They had been scheduled to run until Sept. 25. "They are going to go out and do some more, we just don't know when yet," says the source.