Nearly everyone backstage stops what they're doing when Jordin Sparks sings "I Will Always Love You" as part of the Whitney Houston tribute (Ethan Miller/Billboards2012/Getty Images for ABC)

1) Before the show started, Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel -- who could not look more like sisters -- having a quick catch-up chat on the ramp leading to the stage, while Katy's grandmother was wheeled up it to her seat.

2) Scooter Braun in rapid motion all night, leading Carly Rae Jepsen to her dressing room and coming back, leading Justin Bieber from his -- combined with the Wanted, he's a walking hit factory.

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3) Nearly everyone backstage stops what they're doing when Jordin Sparks sings "I Will Always Love You" as part of the Whitney Houston tribute -- and bursts into rapturous applause when she finishes -- the only full-on applause of the night.

4) Heads turn when Nelly Furtado's band and dancers engage in their warm-up ritual: a kind of tribal chant and circling dance. "People never know what to make of that," manager Chris Smith laughs.

5) Cherry Tree's Martin Kierszenbaum talks about LMFAO's forthcoming tour with Far East Movement, Sidney Samson and Eva Simons, and also brings some promising Robyn news: she's in the studio working on new material with Klaus Ahlund in between tours -- hopefully a new EP by early next year.

6) About halfway through the show, the unmistakable smell of marijuana began to permeate the backstage area. Several inquiries were made about where it was coming from, though no one could positively identify the source. On a completely unrelated note, a shades-wearing Wiz Khalifa was spotted backstage throughout the evening. And he always seemed very happy.

7) Wiz Khalifa decided to crash the party as Downtown Julie Brown was chatting with LMFAO during our backstage livestream. Not only did the rapper jump in front of the cameras with Redfoo and Skyblu, he joined the duo for a spontaneous freestyle that prompted many in earshot to name it the performance of the night.

8) Every superstar brought some sort of entourage to the Billboard Music Awards, but no one's crew rolled deeper than Justin Bieber's. The pint-sized singer seemed to be escorted by at least 25 people everywhere he went, and his arrivals were always preceded by a buzz of commotion and flashing cameras. Even in a room full of chart-toppers and legends, Bieber fever remained as contagious as ever.

9) The rapport between Stevie Wonder and Alicia Keys existed beyond their on-stage chemistry. The pair joked with each other like old friends during rehearsal breaks. At one point, Alicia told Stevie that she would put his award on the piano so he could look at it. Stevie simply threw his head back and laughed.

10) No one seemed to enjoy Stevie Wonder's show-closing performance more than The Wanted. The members of the British boy band were giggling like schoolgirls, bouncing off the backstage walls after the soul icon's medley of hits. "Did you see how he was just jamming on the keyboards? I had tears in my eyes," one member said. Clearly, it was the highlight of their night.