MOG Grows Fastest Among Facebook's On-Demand Music Apps
MOG Grows Fastest Among Facebook's On-Demand Music Apps

MOG has teamed up with Ford today to allow streaming in cars -- provided drivers have a MOG subscription and the updated Sync AppLink.

The streaming service will be available via its iPhone app hooked into the car's sound system, and the Sync AppLink allows users to control the playlist both through the existing stereo controls and via voice activation.

Mog Teaming With BMW To Offer In-Car App

"MOG offers a great mobile app experience, and now, using SYNC AppLink, we've enhanced it even further for in-car use by adding voice command and control," said John Ellis, global technologist for Ford Connected Services, in a statement.

Voice commands like "shuffle favorites" or "shuffle downloads" allow drivers to mix up tracks easily and add songs to playlists immediately, while artist radio stations can be programmed into the stereo's pre-sets.

BMW previously had partnered with MOG's app to get it into the original 'mobile' market, and similarly works via an iPhone plug-in. The Sync AppLink also supports Pandora, Slacker, iHeartRadio, NPR News, and Stitcher SmartRadio.