Smule Embraces Freemium With Magic Piano iPhone App
Smule Embraces Freemium With Magic Piano iPhone App

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Developers continue to complain that Android is too fragmented and annoying to develop for compared to Apple iOS, but nonetheless Android owns over 50 percent of the U.S. smartphone market.

Prerna Gupta, CEO of Khush (acquired by music app powerhouse Smule earlier this year) contacted to let us know how it's been going with its Songify app, which turns any spoken sentence into one of several songs, is consistently ranked high on iTunes. The short answer: It's going so well that Smule just launched its second Android app, Magic Piano.

Smule Embraces Freemium With Magic Piano iPhone App

Smule's first app has done well on Android. Since first becoming available on May 15 (not even a month ago), Songify racked up over two million Android installs, and those users have created over 12 million songs. Clearly, Android is not a desert for music app developers, even if it's harder to work with.

Smule Buys Fellow Music App Creator Khush

The above numbers were encouraging enough, because Smule launched its second Android app on Wednesday. Magic Piano, already the most popular piano app in iTunes, lets anyone play along on a piano with everyone from "Bruno Mars to Mozart."

On iOS, over 14 million users have played over 135 billion notes in Magic Piano to date, at a current rate of around one million songs per day. And now, the Android crew can get in on the fun too.