From Ibiza Sonica to -- The Best Spanish Language Music Apps
From Ibiza Sonica to -- The Best Spanish Language Music Apps

We cover a world of music apps in our curated directory, which is in English. What about the rest of the world, and other languages? In the spirit of inclusiveness -- or in case you've been looking to improve your Spanish while listening to music -- we took a look at the best apps for tuning into Spanish-language music radio.

Many of the top apps in Spanish-speaking countries mirror those in the U.S. store (think Spotify, Shazam and TuneIn Radio), while others rank high only in those countries, such as Los 40's para iPhone and Ibiza Sonica Radio. We also noticed that apps for making music seem to do better in Spanish-speaking countries; Figure, Bloom and an array of instrument apps consistently charted high there. However, what concerns us here is radio.

Los 40's para iPhone (free): Choose one of six countries, and this collection of Top 40 Spanish radio stations will start playing, displaying the artist, song, discography, and biography for some songs. The Spain station had the most content; you could view recent news as well as access videos from hit artists and the Top 40 list of singles. It includes both Spanish and English music.

Reggaeton 24-7 (free): This simple app streams music of the popular urban reggaeton genre, and provides you with a playlist of the recently played songs. It's simple, but that's okay. If you're after reggaeton from Spanish-speaking countries, you'll find plenty of that here.

Ibiza Sonica ($1): The top music app in a number of Spanish iTunes stores, this app plays the top radio station in the dance-party island of Ibiza -- mostly electronic and house music. While listening, you can view the program schedule and read the station's Twitter feed. If you're an Ibiza veteran or just want to sample the local flavor from afar, Ibiza Sonica has the goods.

Ibiza Sonica

biit (free): Spanish speaking music fans will find a slew of options here: the day's recommended artists and a wide selection of radio channels, including "Top in Spanish," "Mestizos," "Indie Today," and "While You Study." Its rating system, familiar to users of most English-language radio apps, lets you like a song to hear more of the same. You also get a "similar artists" section and the ability to share stations to Facebook and Twitter. (free): Although its name suggests a rock-centric approach, this is actually a mood-based music player with a graphical interface. plays music according to where you place yourself on a multi-colored map of emotion. Each corner features a particular mood -- optimistic, melancholy, intense, or sentimental. Clicking a spot on the map prompts the music to start. You can also specify a decade; search by artist; or browse stations by genre.