Ron Spaulding Leaves Fontana
Ron Spaulding Leaves Fontana

Ron Spaulding, who has lead Fontana for nearly five years, has left the company now that the company's integration into INgrooves has been completed. INgrooves acquired Fontana from the Universal Music Group in a deal that included UMG staying on as an investor in INgrooves Fontana.

In a statement to employees, INgrooves founder and CEO Robb McDaniels said Spaulding will stay on in an advisory role with the company.

INgrooves to Purchase Fontana

"Ron's dedication to all our labels, business partners, and most importantly, his employees, has been second-to-none and he will be sorely missed as he moves on to the next chapter of his life," McDaniels wrote. "Luckily for us, Ron's next chapter - in addition to getting back to his family in New Jersey - will include an ongoing advisory role to the company. In this capacity, Ron will be working with me directly on a few key label relationships and providing general guidance on new initiatives at INgrooves Fontana.

The distribution team will now be led by president Dave Zierler, GM Amy Dietz and senior VP of marketing Bryan Mead. Spaulding, who is known for his close relationship with key accounts and his knowledge of the hip-hop music community, can be reached at

In the e-mail to employees, McDaniels also wrote, "Very soon, I'll share some exciting news on the expansion of our business into an artist services unit…We are in a period of rapid growth and frequent change to better meet the dynamic needs of the opportunity before us.