Google Play Store Expands Offerings

Google Play, the search ­giant's version of the iTunes store, has expanded to offer movies, TV shows and magazines. The additions, announced at Google's annual I/O conference, put Google Play more on par with the PC and mobile stores of Apple and Amazon. In addition, the Google Play store sells three Google-branded devices: the Galaxy Nexus smartphone, a new Nexus 7 tablet and the upcoming Nexus Q streaming media player.

Nielsen: Facebook Logs Longest Visits

Facebook, the second-biggest Web brand in the United States, in May had 152.7 million visitors whose average stay was six hours and 53 minutes, according to Nielsen. No other top 10 brand was close in time spent on the site - Google managed to get one hour and 41 minutes out of 173 million people (Google's YouTube was counted separately), while various Microsoft sites were visited by 126.8 million people for an average of one hour and 22 minutes. The lone ­e-commerce site in the top 10 was Amazon, visited by 76.1 million people for an average of 34 minutes.

Email Still Top Form Of Communication

Facebook and Twitter have become popular for two-way communication - especially among young people - but email still posts the biggest numbers. Google says Gmail has 425 million users globally, a figure that puts it in the league of Yahoo Mail and Microsoft's Hotmail. Email compares well internationally as well. Tech research firm Radicati estimates 3.1 billion email accounts were active worldwide in 2011, while Facebook and Twitter had about 900 million and 500 million users, respectively.