John Darnielle
Lead Singer, Mountain Goats

Unlike the deeply personal, often emotionally draining songwriting in his long-running Mountain Goats project, indie rock troubadour John Darnielle uses Twitter to muse upon his far-ranging interests, which include hockey, death metal and women's rights. Mountain Goats news is spread sometimes, but not as often as Darnielle's thoughts on the Nashville Predators.


Known almost as much for his outspoken tweets as his EDM beats, Deadmau5 took Twitter's social and business dialogue to a whole other level in March when he took a vocal track tweeted at him by a follower and released it as a finished track, "The Veldt."

Dave Delaney
Digital Marketing Consultant

This Nashville digital thinker is a believer in social networks, both virtual and real-life -- he founded Geek Breakfast. He tweets digital business practices and links back to his New Networking blog, where he dispenses practical advice.

Emily Delmont
Staffing, Square Inc.

Former recruiter at SoundCloud and Google who tweets about politics and music, though not necessarily together. Sample tweet: "Look, Techno and Tupac *do* have a lot in common. Like, the speakers that were in my LA rental car."

Corey Denis
Digital Strategy and Marketing, Toolshed

When she's not working with Ani DiFranco, Kate Bush, John Wesley Harding and others, Denis is busy deploying a wry take on all things pop culture. Sample tweet: "i know every1 is sick of Somebody That I Used 2 Know, but it's still fantastic. I <3 tragic lyric / happy hook dichotomy in pop songs."

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Mike Dougherty
Co-Founder/CEO, Jelli

Co-founder/CEO of Jelli, the app that brings interactivity to old-school radio, Dougherty tweets a steady stream of digital business links, with an emphasis on radio and startups, two places where the action is constant.

Daniel Ek
CEO/Founder, Spotify

With Spotify, Ek is doing his part to save the recording industry from piracy -- and iTunes. He uses Twitter to broadcast news about the service and answer customers' queries and complaints -- in Swedish and English -- with grace.

Justin Erdman
Senior Manager, Emerging Technology, Universal Music Canada

We'll let Erdman say it in his own words: "Specialties: music, tech and superb quips." Sample tweets: "DMB Concert Update 1: Just experienced my first 8 minute flute solo + I found Howard Jones ex-Killswitch Engage. He's sitting just near me. . . . DMB Update 2: not Howard. Threw up the horns at him; he looked at me blankly. Also he's wearing what appears to be LL Bean - dead giveaway."

Jay Frank
CEO, DigSin

Former CMT exec and current owner of a digital label that gives free music to subscribers, Frank believes in music digital strategy so much that he's written a book called "Hack Your Hit" and tweets his analysis of the DNA of hit songs.

Sasha Frere-Jones
Pop Critic, the New Yorker

One of the scene's most recognized aesthetes, follow Frere-Jones for the best of the rare and obscure in both music and memes, as well as a glimpse into the ins and outs of a writer's life lived in New York.