Televisa Launches Production Firm

Mexican media giant Televisa is launching Televisa USA, a U.S.-based production company set to create English-language content for American TV. The venture follows in the footsteps of Pantelion Films, launched in 2010 by Lionsgate and Televisa to create movies targeting U.S. Hispanic viewers, including "Casa de Mi Padre" (starring Will Ferrell) and "Girl in Progress" (featuring Eva Mendes). The new company will adapt Televisa formats for U.S. audiences and also create original content. Its first project, a co-production with ABC Studios titled "Devious Maids," is slated to air on Lifetime in 2013. The company is also co-producing a series with Sony Pictures Television titled "Hollywood Heights" for Nickelodeon, inspired by the Mexican series "Alcanzar Una Estrella."

Pandora Bows First Ad Drive In Spanish

Oakland, Calif.-based Pandora Media, operator of Pandora Internet Radio, recently unveiled its first ongoing video campaign entirely in Spanish. Earlier this year the campaign featured Puerto Rican singer/songwriter Sie7e in a project created to showcase recording artists. According to a spokesperson, the online series is a way to reach the fast-growing Latino population in the United States. Pandora currently has more than 7,000 Latin artists in its database, as well as 70,000-plus Latin songs and 18 Latin music stations.

MUN2 Premieres Web Short

Digital platform has produced "Naco, Pocho," an original Web documentary that explores attitudes on class and acculturation among Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. The short features actor/director Edward James Olmos, regional Mexican singer Jenni Rivera, musical group Tucanes de Tijuana and Mexican pop group 3BallMTY, among others. The program examines the controversial terms "naco" and "pocho." "Naco" is slang used to describe "bad-mannered, poorly educated, but sometimes wealthy Mexicans," while "pocho" describes an "American of Mexican descent, considered by Mexicans not to be 'Mexican' enough."