Perez Hilton

To get the full, MS Paint-enhanced effect of Perez Hilton's celebrity rumors and tabloid commentary, his long-running site is the place to start. But for a more personal passage into Hilton's head -- including inspirational quotes, celebrity correspondence and retweeted opinions from like-minded individuals -- the blogger's Twitter is essential pop culture fodder.

Jason Hirschhorn
Curator, MediaReDEF

Tweeting from the intersection of "media + tech + pop" (as his Twitter bio puts it), Hirschhorn's regularly updated timeline plays to his core interests and his strengths with observations, queries and links to stories on subjects ranging from the viability of HBO GO to book reviews, with plenty of Spotify links thrown in. Be sure to follow his Media ReDefined account as well (@MediaReDef) for links to virtually every essential story in the world of media.

Ross Hoffman
Business Development, Twitter

Hoffman's timeline tends toward the twitpic -- places he's been, places he's going, his dogs -- but when it's zeroed in on the biz, the links and the insights are often about programs and ideas (like a Mercedes-Benz initiative that hacked the car's active park assist tool to tweet about a city's empty parking spaces) that are far ahead of the curve.

Ian Hogarth
CEO/Co-Founder, Songkick

With Songkick's recent $10 million investment from Sequoia Capital, Hogarth's rising star has shot into the stratosphere. Follow his feed for a constant conversation among the far-flung community of young innovators at the forefront of the digital revolution (music and otherwise) and out to reshape the world.

Jeremy Holley
VP, Consumer and Interactive Marketing, Warner Bros. Records

The man who oversees all aspects of online marketing, social media and digital music strategies for Warner Bros. also maintains a fun and funny Twitter stream. Holley pulls no punches even as he assiduously works his own artists. Sample tweet: "Kenny Chesney is the Nickelback of Country Music."

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Alex Holz
VP, Artist and Community Relations, Rights Flow

For his day job, Holz helps provide artists with music licensing services and royalty payment solutions. On Twitter he'll link out to sports and tech stories, and offer an occasional bit of free advice. Sample tweet: "The Golden Rule of Licensing: if you don't own or control it, you likely need a license for it."

Nathan Hubbard
CEO, Ticketmaster

The CEO of Ticketmaster, by far the largest ticketing company in the world, is also an avid tweeter. Along with sports tweets and the occasional dad bulletin ("Thx #viacom for sparing me 3 more recorded episodes of Go Diego Go between now + 5:30am, making DVR room for important stuff like...nothing"), you'll get work bulletins that include dialogues with music fans and, recently, his support of Louis C.K.'s direct-to-fan model ("wish more people had the stones to do all-in ticketing"). In true Twitter spirit, Nathan Hubbard answered these questions by email in 140 characters or less.

Liana Huth
SVP, Partnerships and Events, Fuse

Working with both Fuse and Madison Square Garden Entertainment means that you're really into the New York concert scene -- and Huth certainly clues her followers into everything going on in the City That Never Sleeps. Aside from live reports and recommendations for upcoming shows, Huth offers smart commentary on the changing live space, such as posts on the importance of webcasts.

Chris Seth Jackson

Jackson doles out tips on getting more fans, making money and improving the lifestyle of the indie musician. And this isn't theoretical: A road dog himself who's started a new band, Jackson practices what he preaches by applying the marketing techniques he tweets.

Steve Jang
Co-Founder/CEO, Schematic Labs

Get instant voyeurism into the music and technology space by following the thoughts and conversations of Steve Jang, top dog at the company behind popular iPhone app for music discovery and sharing, Soundtracking. He's also an advisor or investor in Will Call, Stumble Upon and Animoto. Constant stream of SoundTracking links provides a map of his day, and lots of new music.