Shooter Jennings
Singer/Songwriter; DJ, SiriusXM's Outlaw Country

Between sending out links to his Outlaw Radio show and retweeting a slew of bands and jokes, Jennings provides his followers with a steady flow of whatever happens to be on his mind, stirred in with shoutouts and endorsements for some of his favorite country music acts on the scene and frank commentary on music from Tim McGraw to Motley Crue.

Ethan Kaplan
VP of Product, Live Nation; Founder of R.E.M. Fan Community, Murmurs

Daily tech talk from one of the industry's leading thinkers on big data, small screens and everything in between. Tweets can be a bit opaque for those not in the know. All the more reason to follow and get in the know. Plus: R.E.M.

Sebastian Krys
GM/Producer, Rebelon Entertainment

Lots of politically charged news links and the occasional celeb non-sequitur retweets. Also the occasional Spanish tweet from the L.A.-based Latin Grammy-winning producer. Beware the occasional barb: "I love and hate everything, but never will admit to either," per his bio.

Mike Kyser
President of Black Music, Atlantic Records

An inside look at the life and times of one of the top players in urban music, Kyser's Twitter feed is packed with sneak peeks into the parties and events that draw the scene's power circles.

Bob Lefsetz

An independent observer with an insider's access, Lefsetz weighs in on downloading, copy protection, pricing and the music itself. Sample: "15-24 year olds turning off the radio Online music streaming leads to a 22 per cent drop in numbers tuning in"

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Chris Lighty
COO, Primary Violator Management

An honest and often heartfelt feed from one of the architects of hip-hop's global expansion marked by Lighty's skepticism of other industry players (sample tweet: "The music business is a game of thrones.") and strong belief in the power of hard work and self-motivation ("Pray or worry don't do both.").

Alexander Ljung
Founder/CEO, SoundCloud

Follow Alexander for the insight into digital music as well as the fantastic array of links to audio posted to SoundCloud. So what if all those SoundCloud posts amounts to rooting for the home team? Do you have something against listening to music?

Marissa Lopez
Director of Latin Writer/Publisher Relations, BMI

A Latin music mover and shaker, Lopez shares lots of tweets and insights from industry conferences, showcases and festivals. She is a conference hashtag's best friend. And she keeps things positive -- look for the occasional inspirational quote or retweet, too.

Kirk Love
Community Manager,

Music-minded social media tweets amid various FourSquare check-ins, Afghan Whig shout-outs and various media of his newborn baby. Some wry observations sprinkled throughout: "For every cheer to remain independent and be the next Facebook, there's thousands of Diggs that should have taken the money."

Nigel Lythgoe
Executive Producer, American Idol

The high-powered producer never misses a chance to plug talent from his various shows, share a few insider tidbits and the occasional humblebrag ("I've just landed in Los Angeles from a night in New York at Jennifer Lopez's birthday party. Her boat rocked but I missed LA's earthquake").