Minya Oh
Founder, MissInfo.TV

Dishing the inside word on all things hip-hop and R&B, Miss Info tweets a steady diet of new music, videos and other random goings-on around the industry and the Web, almost always with a sarcastic and skeptical eye.

Don Omar

A massive music empire that only keeps growing makes the rapper more than just an artist. The producer, with millions of YouTube hits and counting, believes in maximizing Twitter, Facebook and keeping his fans connected. Killer raps don't hurt either.

Guy Oseary
Manager (Madonna)

Dying for information on new Madonna music when the Queen of Pop is not engaged in an album cycle? Oseary, the former Maverick Records bigwig and Madge's manager, is the man to follow. Since the March release of MDNA, Oseary has switched from teasing fans with hints about the album to sharing exclusive Madonna photos -- and praising her latest single -- whenever he gets the opportunity to tweet.

Reggie Ossé
Managing Editor, The Source

A former Def Jam executive and attorney for hip-hop artists, Ossé brings a wealth of experience and smarts to his stream. Come for the latest in hip-hop gossip, stay for taste-making observations and Instagram snapshots with a personal touch.

David Parkman
Digital Media Venture Capitalist, Venrock

A co-creator of Apple's Music Group, Pakman is currently a partner at Venrock in New York, investing in early-stage Internet and digital media companies. He uses Twitter to tweet tech and industry news, rant (don't get him started on a recent alleged JetBlue security breach) and shout-out the occasional jam that catches his ear.

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Amanda Palmer

Since rising to prominence as the leader of the cabaret rock act Dresden Dolls, Palmer has changed the way that albums are funded by raising $1 million for her next solo full-length on Kickstarter, and is a living testament to the DIY potential of social media. Naturally, the singer-songwriter's Twitter account expresses the same kind of forward-thinking groupthink promotion, with invitations for followers to stop by Palmer's house and help paint personalized turntables that she's selling on Kickstarter.

Julie Pilat
PD, KYSR (98.7 FM) Los Angeles;
Assistant PD/Music Director, KIIS (102.7) Los Angeles

As someone who's constantly digesting new music and determining what will stick on the airwaves, Pilat offers tossed-off commentary on the latest hits, as well as shout-outs to artists and industry folk. Whether she's describing the new Nas album as "intense" or discussing Christina Aguilera's next album, Pilat always has a few interesting nuggets to offer from a powerful radio perspective.

Ann Powers
Music Critic, NPR

A passionate and eloquent chronicler of pop music for nearly three decades, Powers tweets with taste and an utter lack of snobbery. She interacts with her followers and chimes in on everything from mainstream pop to Grimes with heart and insight.

Tim Quirk
Head of Global Content Programming, Google and Android

Among personal notes and observations are tweets to thrill most digital and music junkies: photos from concerts, comments about hanging out with musicians and many links to videos from Google Play's music store and reminders of sales and free tracks.

Jeff Rabhan
Chair, the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music

Former artist manager (Michelle Branch, among others) turned academic at the NYU program endowed by Clive Davis, Rabhan is uniquely positioned to tell the inside story of the business from the outside. That's just what unfolds on his timeline, along with a conversation with his followers about hot topics of the day.