Salaam Remi
Producer (Nas, Amy Winehouse, Fergie)

The legendary producer (Nas, Amy Winehouse) turns the bulk of his feed over to retweets of those either mentioning him and his work, talking music projects that interest him (hip-hop and R&B) or motivational quotes and proverbs or tweets from @allabouttaurus. (Remi's a Taurus.) Right now, Remi's tweets focus on his recent work with Nas on the rapper's chart-topping Life is Good.

Dave Rene
A&R, Interscope

Interscope's inside man on the EDM scene, follow Rene for a candid look at dance music, as seen through casual Twitter conversations with some of the scene's biggest names -- and the lens of Rene's quirky sensibility (e.g. random tweets like: "Bionic Booger Breaks.").

John Richards
DJ, The Morning Show in Seattle 90.3FM,

If you're looking for archived footage of some of your favorite acts, Richards is the one to follow. Whether it's old interviews with Johnny Cash, video from Bob Dylan's Newport "debacle," a live performance by Bikini Kill from 1992, or even videos of Grimes from earlier this year when she stopped by his radio station, it's all flowing out through his tweets. Richards is the best kind of YouTube junkie -- one who shares his treasures with the rest of us.

Ian Rogers
CEO, Topspin Media

Short blasts about music, technology and skateboarding from the CEO of direct-to-fan company Topspin Media and host of "This Week in Music." Expect lots of retweets of cool Amazon MP3 daily deals and ticket on-sales. Over 12,600 followers can't be wrong.

Paul Rosenberg
CEO, Goliath Artists; Co-founder, Shady Records

Eminem's manager (and co-owner of hip-hop site is a compulsive pop culture and sports tweeter, with special emphasis on the NBA, hip-hop and the AMC series "Breaking Bad." He delivers ESPN-quality live chronicling of prize fights, especially any involving Manny Pacquiao. And he's not above sharing insights into his own clients, as his July 21 Instagram shot of Eminem at 7-Eleven makes abundantly clear.

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Peter Rosenberg
On-air personality/DJ, WQHT (Hot 97) New York; Host, MTV2's "Hip Hop Squares"

Social and hip-hop commentary from one of New York's most outspoken urban culture critics. Or at least one with a giant platform -- you'll find a lot of tweets teasing the Hot 97 host's morning show and driving followers to engage in show-related content online, with another healthy chunk promoting off-air Hot events that he's involved in.

Pasquale Rotella
CEO, Insomniac Events

The veteran dance promoter (his Insomniac Events produces Electric Daisy Carnival) runs his timeline as a hub for all things Insomniac, including info on upcoming events, live tweets (including pictures and videos) as events are taking place and a constant dialogue with fans and friends seeking to learn more.

Greg Sandoval
Digital entertainment reporter, CNET

A go-to for all things digital entertainment, from Netflix to Google to Pandora. Also writes frequently about music biz news, including the RIAA, the sale of EMI and MegaUpload.

Rob Santos
VP, A&R, Sony Legacy

An infrequent tweeter, but when he does update it's often to shout out a recent project from a Legacy artist, share publishing news or chat up celebs like Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks and ?uestlove.

Ryan Schreiber
Founder/CEO, Pitchfork Media

Pitchfork founder Ryan Schreiber's Twitter profile reads as follows: "fuckin the haters for a decade plus." Indeed, as the head of the long-running tastemaker site, Schreiber presents his followers with Instagram photos of artists like Vampire Weekend and Chromatics, as well as his dedicated ruminations on the idea of "hype," Billy Corgan's ego and his favorite Mountain Goats song. Hipster love, and so much more.