Storme Warren
Host, GAC's "The Collection," "Headline Country"

One of Nashville's best-known TV personalities, Warren will often share updates from his various comings and goings with the industry's biggest stars. He's well-liked, too-Toby Keith and Brad Paisley are among the big names who've tweeted their props as of late.

Jeff Weiss
Staff Writer, Pitchfork; Columnist, L.A. Weekly

Hip-hop humor from the L.A. Weekly writer with the Twitter name Otto Von Biz Markie -- all rap fiends with a funny bone can appreciate Weiss' generous retweets and general ridiculousness. "Just to dispel the rumors, the rapper "JW" on the new Freddie Gibbs and Young Jeezy song is not me," he clarifies before linking to an article on the Internet personas of Gunplay and Wale.

Jeremy Welt
Head of Marketing, Maker Studios

Even though Jeremy Welt is the head of marketing at Maker Studios, he doesn't tweet much about the company's efforts to reimagine how creators use the YouTube platform. Instead, the former SVP of new media at Warner Bros. throws off an array of digital musings and links to found news items that make for entertaining reading.

Tim Westergren
Founder, Pandora

Pandora remains the dominant force in Internet radio, and who better to follow for the latest Pandora news than the man who revolutionized streaming music? Sample tweet: "Nothing more exciting than seeing our dream for creating the musicians' middle class take shape! Just the beginning."

Emily White
Co-Founder, Whitesmith Entertainment

An avid tweeter at industry events, White is the manager of the acts Brendan Benson and Gold Motel. She also gained some notoriety this year after sticking up for that other Emily White, the NPR intern who famously said she rarely pays for music.

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Betsy Whitney
Digital marketing, Columbia Records

In her role at Columbia she helps guide the online presense of @springsteen, @bobdylan, @johnmayer and others. And she has a strong and often amusing voice of her own. Sample tweet: "Screaming, 'Nooo midnight album announcements!' a la Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest."

Elliott Wilson

"The GOAT of hip-hop journalism" -- RT'd by many, RT's many more -- and one of the best sources for what's hot in the rap world. Sample Tweet: "Rozay hit me and asked me if I was bumpin that classic? Ha! #MMG"

Fred Wilson
Principal, Union Square Ventures

One of entertainment tech's most powerful investors, Wilson shares the latest and greatest from the venture capital community but stops to sprinkle in the occasional music tweet (he's a big Yo La Tengo fan, for example). Also an avid tablet user-he's currently obsessed with Google's Nexus 7.

Jon Wurster
Drummer, Superchunk

Drummer for the Mountain Goats and Superchunk, and one half of the duo behind The Best Show on WFMU. His unique sense of humor (he's written for "Monk" and "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!") brings a blend of music updates pop culture critique to his Twitter feed. Sample tweet: "Watching a Miles Davis documentary. Judging by his facial expressions Keith Jarrett was a true master of the orgasmorgan."


Zedd's stream is a mix of RT's, observations on music, Tweets with his fans and "life of a DJ/producer"-style updates like this one: "I can never find the song I'm looking for because all projects are called 'Smash' ... 'Smash 3' 'New Smash' ... god damnit!" Follow for behind-the-scenes updates on what life as an internationally known DJ/producer is really like.



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